Serena Williams knows exactly which celebrity closet she’d raid

We all know which of our friends’ closets we’d raid if we could, right? Or maybe you already do raid a fashionista friend’s closet, borrowing a cute top here and some awesome shoes there. In Vogue’s latest “73 questions” video, tennis icon Serena Williams, 34, just revealed whose closet she’d invade:

Mariah Carey’s.


And do we blame her?

We’d nab this:

And these:

If Williams wasn’t on the court, she’d be in fashion, she told Vogue.

I’d be a fashion designer,” she said in the Vogue video.

Williams launched her own clothing line with Home Shopping Network (HSN) last year, between tournaments, of course — because she is a multi-tasking genius. As she said in “73 questions”:

“I’ve played Wimbledon, I played the Open, I’m playing tournaments in between [designing]. When you work on the shows it’s not like it takes two weeks. It’s a four, five, sixth month commitment,” she said. “It was a lot of preparation. All of the looks–pairing it, first, last, finale, middle… music. It was a lot!”

We’ve always been big fans of hers — and not because she’s the number one female tennis player in the world and has won Wimbledon seven times (NBD, right?), but because of her character.

Whether it’s the way she shuts down haters or inspires us to go for our dreams, we crush on her as a person, both on and off the court(s).

So what would Williams take from Mariah’s closet?!

“She has amazing shoes,”

she said in the video.

We hear that!

Even though she loves fashion, Williams also believes:



You can check out the whole “73 questions” interview here.