Serena Williams is probably going to start a baby name trend with this new info about her daughter’s name

Not many women can say that they won the Australian Open while pregnant — but Serena Williams can! The tennis star was pregnant with daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. in January when she won the prestigious tennis tournament. And Williams’ recently revealed that her daughter’s name was inspired by her big win.

Alexis Olympia entered the world on September 1st and was given the name of her father, Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. What’s more is that her parents decided to give Alexis some very special initials in honor of her mother’s incredible accomplishment — A.O.

Last week, Williams tweeted that her daughter’s initials represent the first letters of “Australian Open.”

On Twitter and Instagram, Williams calls her daughter by her middle name, Olympia. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, we have a feeling the name Olympia might have something to do with Williams’ multiple Olympic gold metals.

But again, that’s just speculation.

Olympia already has her own Instagram account where mom and dad have been keeping fans up to date on her newborn activities, like going on adventures with dad while mom naps —

— and spending time thinking about what her parents are up to.

She’s one busy little baby who is incredibly loved by mom, dad, and everyone around her. Williams and Ohanian are especially looking forward to seeing what great things their little one gets up to when she gets older.

Dad knows she's dreaming about all the "startups she'll start...And Grand Slams she'll win.... And...."

With a name inspired by winning and two achieving parents behind her, Alexis Olympia will certainly grow up to be one smart and talented cookie.

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