Serena Williams’ new baby daughter might be one of the few girls with this distinction in her name

Serena Williams gave birth over the Labor Day weekend and today she revealed the first photo of mother and daughter. She looks well rested and her baby girl is adorable, but we’re truly squealing over Williams’ daughter’s name.

Named after her father (and Williams fiancé) Alexis Ohanian, the baby girl’s full name is Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr.

It’s rare that you see a girl named after her father and given the Jr. distinction. Typically, only men can be Jr.’s and that’s not fair at all. We love her name because it rejects typically gendered traditions.

The couple also put together this cute video featuring moments from the beginning of Williams’ pregnancy right up to the present. Williams admitted in the video that she and her newborn had to stay in the hospital for six days after birth due to complications. We’re just happy she’s home and healthy now.

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Ohanian also wrote this cute tribute on Twitter.

“Welcome Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. You’re a blessing; your mama’s perfect sidekick; & already a Grand Slam champ,” said the proud father.

Basketball player Iman Shumpert and his wife Teyana Taylor’s daughter is also named after her father (Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr.), with the rare Jr. at the end of her name as well.

Now, how about naming some little boys after their moms??!?!

Congrats to Serena and Alexis on their bundle of joy and shout out to all the little girls who are Jr.’s!

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