Your September Tarot Card Reading, According to Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to put action behind your deepest desires.

The energy for September’s tarotscope asks you to pursue your passions without fear. It’s time to ask yourself: What is that creative urge that you’ve been ignoring, and how can you fully embrace it? Use this Virgo energy to put action and dedication behind your deepest desires and watch them flourish at your efforts.

Find your sign’s personal tarotscope reading for this month below.


September tarotscopes 2020

Card: Queen of Wands (Reversed)

Creative blocks usually start within, Aries. Think about what parts of yourself have been forcing you to feel insecure and remedy them by showing these parts some extra TLC. You’ll find that your inner creative fire will return once you reconnect with yourself—and just watch how quickly opportunities will come knocking!


Card: Knight of Pentacles

Slow and steady wins the race. You know those good things are worth waiting for, and you’re not afraid to continue the effort to make them a reality. Know that your hard work will pay off eventually, and don’t let the idea of instant gratification tempt you off of your current path.


Card: Three of Cups (Reversed)

The past is long gone and it’s time to focus on the present. When you step outside of your longing and nostalgia, what are you left with? Refocus your energy on the things you want to see manifested and the goals you want to achieve. The decisions you make now will affect your future, so be discerning.


September tarotscopes 2020

Card: Four of Pentacles (Reversed)

This month, you’re being called to release your fear of rejection. Don’t be afraid to invest in your future and dream your world into being what you want it to be. Follow your heart. The most practical road is not always the best one.


Card: Seven of Cups (Reversed)

Your clarity is inspiring, Leo. You know exactly what you want and the steps you need to take to get it. Just be sure not to get too fixated on your projects. We all need human interaction sometimes.


Card: Four of Swords

Taking a timeout is needed right now, Virgo. You’ve been working so hard and deserve to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A small trip or time in nature is calling your name.


Card: Eight of Cups (Reversed)

Your unyielding focus on something you’ve been interested in has skewed your perspective of it. Walk away from it for a bit and return to it with fresh eyes. You’ll be able to see the areas that need improvement, especially when you’re fully recharged. You’re ready for round two.


Card: Eight of Wands

This month you are unstoppable, Scorpio. All obstacles that arise are no match for your determination and problem-solving abilities. Your energy is high this month. Small bumps in the road won’t stand a chance against you, Scorpio.


Card: Page of Swords (Reversed)

No more waiting, Sag. The time is now. The universe is giving you an extra push this month to take action towards your goals. Deeper fulfillment awaits you on the other side of your fear.


Card: King of Cups

The universe supports you fully as you combine your head and heart this month. Your love for something in particular has been fueling your hard work, creating a magnetic glow around you. This month the divine says, “Anything you want is yours.” Keep up the good work.


Card: The Chariot

Focusing on what matters is going to be key for you this month. You’re on the path to victory, but there are many distractions. Don’t get pulled into drama or situations that aim to steal your attention. The more you focus on what you’re working towards, the closer it will get to you.


Card: The Emperor

You’ve built a solid foundation for something, and now it’s time to build further. This month is about decisions and choices. How will you add on to what you’ve already built? This may require you to say no to things to get ahead in what you truly want to accomplish.

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