Here’s why September is *actually* the New Year’s of the calendar year

Sure, January 1st may mark the onset of the official new year. But for most of us, it’s more about the excitement of New Year’s celebrations than an actual new beginning. In fact, there’s not a lot of “newness” about that time of year at all. It’s still winter. We’re still in the same humdrum routines. For many of us, it’s still just midway through the school year. And for all of us, it just doesn’t feel like all that much is fresh.

Now September 1st — that’s when the new year actually feels like it’s ready to start. Albeit nine months into the “official” calendar year, it’s when our new planners actually begin. It’s the beginning of fall, when the leaves begin to change, the beginning of school terms, and (most importantly for fashion diehards) the beginning of the biggest, boldest fashion season of the year.

This is the time to take charge, get inspired, and tackle all those goals you’ve been “getting around to.” It’s the time to get creative, whether that means totally revamping your wardrobe or drastically revising your beauty routine. It’s the time to do everything from taking that cooking class you’ve always dreamed about to *finally* committing to a solid fitness plan.

Basically, we’re saying to heck with Janurary 1st. *Now* is the best time to ring in those fresh starts.

Of course, during any time of transition and change, it’s only right that we treat ourselves to a little retail therapy to commemorate the occasion. And to get your September new year off to the perfect start, we’ve got a few feel-good products that’ll do the trick.

1Giving Keys ‘Create’ Never Ending Choker, $45


A little reminder to embrace your best self.

2La Vie Boheme Havana Yoga Mat, $86


There’s no time to Namaste like in the new year.

3Moon Juice Brain Dust, $38


To provide you with all the mental clarity and brain power you need.

4Erin Condren Up to You Planner, $55


To keep you honest and organized, of course! Champagne Is My Game Can Plant Holder, $52


Call this a healthy dose of pizazz for your pad (or office space).

6Reformation April Top, $128


Consider this your new “lucky” top for everything from interviews to date nights.

7STS Blue Taylor Tomboy in Toro Canyon, $58


For the new year, new boyfriend jeans are a must.

8Definitely Not a Trap Door Mat, $49


An easy way to put your best foot forward *and* spruce up your place.

9RMS Beauty Paradise Lip2Cheek, $36


This extremely versatile, all-natural beauty goodie is exactly the pop of color your makeup routine’s been missing.

10TAHNYC Essential Care with Translucent Pearl Everyday Hydrated Radiant Skin, $65


A truly miraculous three-step solution to give you the refreshed and invigorated skin you deserve.

11Wicked Boheme Noir 9 oz. Coconut Candle in Tulum, $32


Ahhh — there’s nothing like a new signature home scent to signify a fresh start, and this organic coconut wax candle is just the one for the job.

12Teavana Rev Up Wellness Tea, $12.50


For boosting your mood and metabolism this year.

13Modcloth Sea for Two Tea Infuser, $14.99


There’s no cuter way to prep said tea.

14Oribe Masque for Beautiful Color, $19.50


Guaranteed: Beyoncé hair in a bottle.

15What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey, $16.35


There’s nothing better than some soulful Oprah wisdom to energize a fresh start.

16PrettyLittleThing x Olivia Culpo Burgundy Lace Ruffle Detail Plunge Maxi Dress, $90


For all of those fall weddings and Friendsgiving parties you’re going to.

17PrettyLittleThing x Olivia Culpo Mid Wash Frill Sleeve Plunge Denim Dress, $50


Because denim never goes out of style, and you’ll want something that can take you from work to happy hour.

How are you celebrating the “new year?”

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