This photo taken on September 10th is simply stunning

Yesterday on Twitter, a photo went viral that may be best described as a miracle. Just after 7 a.m. on the day before the 14 year anniversary of 9/11, a breathtaking rainbow rose out of the World Trade Center.

Ben Sturner, the CEO of a sports marketing company called Leverage Agency, was the lucky man who captured the first shot.

“I see this rainbow, and it’s coming from the World Trade Center, and it’s the most gorgeous rainbow I’ve ever seen,” Sturner told NBC 4 New York. “I took out my phone and started snapping photos.”

When he tweeted the picture (and later a few more), it quickly hit a chord with everyone in mourning and honoring this day of remembrance.

Many people who saw the snap reached out to tell him just how touched they were. Here are some of the most heartwarming responses:

Another woman captured the beautiful rainbow over the New York skyline.

As we all take a moment to reflect today on memory, loss, and pain, let us also use these images as a reminder that the world is also filled with so much beauty.

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[Images via Twitter]

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