All the YASS: Sephora subscription boxes are coming

Sephora, the home of never-ending shades of lipstick and gorgeously curated bottles of perfume, has an AMAZING announcement: A new subscription service by the company is in the works, and it sounds totally fab.

The service (adorably called ‘Play!’) plans on sending out a handful of samples each month —for ten bucks. If you’ve tried out or subscribed to makeup services like Birchbox, Ipsy, or GlossyBox, then you’re probably familiar with this whole deal. Once a month (or less, if you prefer), subscribers can receive a box of various samples (some small, some full-size) based on your taste in makeup. While we’re not sure if Play! will function the same way, we assume it’s pretty similar.

Play! is launching this September in Boston, Columbus, and Cincinnati, and then going nationwide next year. The service, according to Fashionista, will send subscribers “deluxe-size” upscale beauty products “curated around a theme like essentials or dewy skin,” along with a Spotify playlist, because hey why not!

Sephora’s first bundle, according to Harpers Bazaar, will include samples by “Marc Jacobs, Ole Henriksen, Bumble and bumble, Glamglow and Sephora’s in-house brand,” plus some “bonus samples.” Um, hi, we are swooning already!

(Image via Flickr )