Reasons why Sephora is delightfully dangerous during the holidays

First off, you’re all over those holiday makeup tutorials, so you naturally end up making a few several trips in the winter months. You know, FOR SUPPLIES.

After all, ’tis the season for shimmer. Right?

And the perfect red lip.

Sephora’s the most logical place to shop for gifts for your friends — you’re going to be spending money anyhow, so why not rack up those VIB points?

Then there are those gift sets. OHHHH the gift sets.

Which are ridiculously irresistible because they’re so freakin’ festive. Not to mention practically pre-wrapped, saving you time.

But, you could literally just hand someone a Sephora bag, and it’d be better than a wrapped present because they’d know something awesome is inside.

Of course, those magical holiday gift sets can also be your kryptonite. Granted, you have good intentions with those samplers — you’re going to spread them among friends, right?

Well, until, all of a sudden, you’re coming up with new ways to justify owning a half dozen new mascaras or eyeliners. (Hey, it happens.)

But, you must admit, that with enough restraint, that travel-sized row is a gold mine for stocking stuffers.

And there’s always the hope that when you give your pal skincare products, that she’ll share the love on girls’ nights.

But really, the true reason Sephora is so delightfully dangerous during the holidays is that beauty and festivities go hand-in-hand:

And also, if Santa knows what’s good for him, he should be shopping here, too:

(Image via Flickr user bargainmoose)

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