If you’re a “Sense8” fan, the show’s cast and crew made an emotional video just for you

When the bad news broke that Netflix’s Sense8 would be canceled, fans were understandably disappointed, and they expressed that disappointment. So much so that thanks to fan outcry, Netflix decided to bring back the show for a two-hour series finale in 2018. That’s a long time to wait, but thankfully we have this tribute from Sense8‘s cast and crew for the fans of the sci-fi series.

The video was created in honor of Sense8‘s “birthday” on August 8th.

The show premiered in June of 2015, but the cluster of sensates all share the same birthday which, you guessed it, happens to be August 8th. But more than a birthday celebration, the video is a thank-you to the dedicated fans who fought to bring the show back.


In the video, creator Lana Wachowski makes clear her love and appreciation for every fan’s ongoing support, and compares the return of the series via the special to The Matrix, which she and sibling Lilly Wachowski were behind. She says the characters’ return is like that moment when Trinity kisses Neo and brings him back to life, giving him another shot to finish off the story right thanks to a spontaneous outpouring of love. And that really is what happened to this cherished TV show.

Beyond Wachowski, a number of cast and crew members express their gratitude for everything that the fans have done. It’s really touching so give it a watch. You know we’ll be watching over and over again as we wait for more news about the 2018 finale.

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