These seniors won the yearbook quote game… in 1914

These days, yearbook quotes can make huge statements. We’ve seen students use the space under their photo to come out to their parents, shut down ridiculous dress codes, and express pride about their religious beliefs — it’s amazing how much power can be packed in so few words!

Turns out, students in 1914 put their senior quotes to good use, too. Yesterday on Reddit, a user shared a hilarious photo of a yearbook quote from Southwest Texas State Normal School, which now goes by Texas State University. “Another victim of the porcupine epidemic,” reads graduating senior Lee Hensley’s blurb.

Wait, what? That joke must have gone viral over the telegraph — “This yearbook quote STOP will be the best thing STOP you see all day STOP.” And, even after a whole century, Lee’s still getting laughs for his incredible choice of quote.

Upon further investigation of Texas State University’s archives, we found that Lee wasn’t the only one in the Class of 1914 with an amazing sense of humor.

Hubert Butler fancied himself quite the ladies’ man, citing girls’ attention as a distraction from his studying.

C.E. Williams really loved the new Cinderella movie, which is why he quoted it here. LOL!

Claud Harmon brilliantly suggested that the college should offer a course in napping. (While we’re at it, can we add a major in snoozing as well?)

Ms. Ida Belle McCoy was true to her namesake and very honest about how she spent her time in school … boy-watching.

Emil Hopf also took the opportunity to be honest and explain why people have a hard time recognizing him. Shouldn’t have gone to Super Cutz, my friend.

And Mattie Nance, obviously the “bad girl” of her class, claimed her bragging rights for all the stunts she pulled while in school. I have a feeling Mattie is the girl everyone wanted as a friend but no one wanted as a roommate.

These ye olde yearbook quotes are over 100 years old, but are still funny today. It’s crazy to think that Mattie might be the great grandmother of some crazy fun gal who lived in your dorm: history has a way of repeating itself. How does that old saying go? “Learn from your elders?” My grandma told me once, but I kind of wasn’t paying attention …

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