On the road to graduation — the senior year road trip playlist

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Say it with me now: SPRING BREAK! While other holidays are tied to specific events, spring break is and will always be (at least through college) tied to nothing except the changing of the season and school administrators’ need for a break. But while spring break is always a cause for celebration, the occasion is bittersweet for the senior class, as it’s their last hurrah before prom and then shortly afterward, graduation.

The senior year spring break is the last time you’ll be able to celebrate your friend group for what it is in its totality. Prom will couple people up and possibly drain your bank account, but spring break is the golden week, where you’re both looking to blow off steam from studying for midterms and AP exams and have one last chance to bond with your besties. There’s nothing more BFF-friendly than a road trip, and for graduating seniors, this is your chance to make unforgettable memories. For that reason, I’ve put together a basic senior year road trip; take these new and classic tunes as the starting point for your own unforgettable journey with the friends you’re sure you won’t forget.

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