Girl takes her senior pictures at Taco Bell, wins high school

Taking senior pictures can be oh so awkward. Usually it involves a sweaty photographer asking you to stick your chin out more as you sit on a tiny stool in front of a huge blue backdrop, unnaturally clutching a football/flute/only math test you got an A on. High school senior Brittany Nicole Creech decided she wanted something a little different – she wanted to be doing something she really loves in her senior pics.

So, obviously, she posed for the photos in her local Taco Bell.

Bow down! Not only did Brittany have this hilarious idea, she totally pulled it off. She teamed up with Missouri-based photographer Brendan Batchelor, who took such gorgeous shots, they could easily be part of the fast food chain’s next advertising campaign. Actually, Brittany’s Twitter profile does say that it’s her life goal to be in a Taco Bell commercial, and the restaurant already took note of her devotion by retweeting her photos. Maybe the next time we see pictures her flashing a huge grin while ordering a Crunch Wrap Supreme – a joy many of us recognize from our own lives — they will be on a billboard.

Your future looks bright, Brittany!

Seriously, these senior pics are super adorable. And they are kind of making me hungry.

No, Brittany, thank you. (Also, please note that this establishment is half Taco Bell, half Pizza Hut. #America.)

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