Senior citizen graffiti artists are doing what they can to banish ageism

Today in awesome, a group of senior citizens have taken to the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, to prove that age is irrelevant when it comes to doing what you love. LATA 65 is an urban art workshop for seniors that works to banish ageist attitudes and stereotypes through the art of graffiti. My Modern Met brought our attention to this fantastic group that has introduced more than 100 senior citizens to graffiti culture. Well-known street artists were enlisted to teach the group how to make their own stencils and create their own tags. Can we sign up too?

LATA 65 was developed by the Cowork Lisboa in partnership with Wool – Covilhã Urban Art Festival with the goal to eliminate the discrimination of elderly people, to bridge the gap between the old and young, and to prove that age is only a number. In this case, age certainly hasn’t stopped anyone from making rad graffiti art. Don’t worry though — everyone wears a mask so they don’t inhale the toxic fumes — safety first, graffiti second. 

Not only is the project helping elderly people get in touch with their artistic sides, but the colorful art is inspiring and uplifting the community as well. Can you imagine your grandparents tagging walls on the streets of your city? We can — and just thought of it makes us really, really happy.

Check out their vibrant graffiti art:

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