On the bright side, the Senate has more women now than ever before

Today, as we’re coping with last night’s news, we’re looking for any rays of bright side we can glimmer. And here’s a major one: the newly elected Senate has more women than ever before.

Closing in on gender parity, in 2017, the body will have 21 women senators — that’s a one-woman increase from our current Senate. As all women know, it takes just one woman to make a difference. See “first woman to [insert anything here].”

More women in the Senate gets the Senate closer to what it’s supposed to be, which is more representative of America.

The newly elected #ladybosses in the Senate include Illinois Senator-elect Tammy Duckworth, California Senator-elect Kamala Harris, and Nevada Senator-elect Catherine Cortez Masto, who is also THE FIRST LATINA to serve in the Senate.


Men still outnumber women four to one in Congress — but, a step forward is a step forward.

What does this mean for you, for us? Political science research shows that women legislators are more likely to introduce legislation that benefits women. They sponsor more bills, pass more laws, and send their districts more money.

Earlier this year, Hillary Clinton told Time magazine, “There are some areas where our own life experiences really prepare us to be more receptive.”

We’ve received the message: more women in power is better for everyone.

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