Selma and Reese won #tbt this week with a well-played ‘Legally Blonde’-gram

Celebrity #tbt posts are the highlights of our Thursdays. We love old baby pictures, awkward school pictures and memories from past movie sets. So when Selma Blair shared a Legally Blonde #tbt, our hearts were filled with joy.

Selma played Vivian, Elle’s mean-girl-classmate-turned-eventual-BFF. The characters didn’t always get along in the film, but behind the scenes, they were all smiles. On Thursday, Selma shared an old pic with Reese Witherspoon from set, and it took us right back to 2001.

There’s a LOT to love about this pic. Look at Selma’s preppy argyle! And Reese’s long flowing locks! And look at Bruiser, cozied up in Reese’s handbag. Don’t forget Osgood Perkins’ photobomb in the background. The pic was so good, in fact, that the next day Reese reposted it to celebrate Flashback Friday. How could she not? The girls (and Osgood) look like they’re having THE best time on set.

We’re so happy these two are still friends IRL, and hope they text each other every time Legally Blonde comes on TBS.

(Featured image via MGM.)