We finally have selfie stick martial arts. No, we’re not joking.

There is now a martial art designed around the selfie stick, yes, the handheld extendable sticks used to take selfie photographs.

According to M24, a martial arts center in Moscow created a self-defense class, called mdp-monopod fighting, centered around the use of the selfie stick.

As reported in the BBC, the “art” of monopod fighting (and I believe that the BBC uses the term “art” here mockingly) can be learned in just five classes. So maybe it’s a little more complicated than just hitting someone with a stick. While the exact moves of the course have yet to be disclosed, the martial arts center claims that monopod fighting is effective against boxing, wresting, and other types of combats sports.

The creators of the class came up with the program after seeing how tourists with smartphones and selfie sticks were increasingly targeted by muggers. And while nothing says, “I own valuable technology” like waving around that valuable technology on a metal stick, the creators of the course found that the selfie stick makes for a very convenient weapon.

Taking selfies is a precarious practice in general, especially in Russia. This year, a few Russians died while trying to take selfies in dangerous situations. For example, two men died after a failed selfie with a hand grenade.

To address these dangers the Russian police launched a “safe selfie” campaign in July. As part of the campaign, the Russian Interior Ministry published a statement warning citizens to “make sure you are in a safe place and that nothing is endangering your life” before taking a selfie. They also published a leaflet with pictograms explaining where not to take a selfie (on a roof, for example).

Hopefully, with the addition of mdp-monopod fighting, the risks of taking a snap of yourself can be further minimized, because selfies are totally allowed to be a little silly, but should never be a dangerous pastime.

(Image via Shutterstock)