The selfie spoon is an actual thing that exists

How many times a week do you find yourself struggling to eat breakfast and document yourself eating breakfast at the same time? If you eat breakfast every day — which you totally should because you’re a responsible adult who knows it’s the “most important” meal of the day – then you probably face this problem on a daily basis.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has heard your cries for help. Yes, those cries were muffled by mouthfuls of sugary cereal, but Cinnamon Toast Crunch has really good hearing.

Introducing the Selfie Spoon. Yup, it’s a spoon attached to a selfie stick that extends two and a half feet, so you can shovel those delightful little squares into your face and take a photo at the same time. I don’t use the word “miracle” lightly, but this might just be a modern miracle.

The commercial for the Selfie Spoon (which you can check out here) plays like a parody: I mean, sure, we’ve all failed to successfully Snapchat our food, but it never occurred to any of us to strap a selfie stick to our utensils.

As silly and absolutely ridiculous as the informercial for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Selfie Spoon is, I did all of us a favor and tried to order one. If you go to, you really can get a selfie spoon delivered to your house. You only have to pay shipping and handling – it costs $7.00 to have one dropped off at my place in Los Angeles. Seems like a minor price to pay for perfect videos of me eating cereal.

 There’s really only one person’s opinion I want about the Selfie Spoon. Ryan Gosling, how do you feel about the Selfie Spoon?

No, come on. It’s so innovative!

Really? You’re sure that’s how you feel? It’s only $7.00 shipping and handling.

Okay, I might rethink my stance now that I see how Ryan detests all things cereal and spoony. To be honest, I think Cinnamon Toast Crunch is onto something here. Next, someone should invent Selfie #2 Pencils so we can take pictures during standardized tests. Or, how about Selfie Credit Cards so we can capture that wince of pain that comes from overdrawing our checking accounts? Oh! Or maybe Selfie Sunglasses?

No? Ok, I’ll stick to the Selfie Spoon then.

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