Pizza Rat and Donut Rat’s long-lost cousin, Selfie Rat, has emerged

We, as the Internet — nay, as humanity — have been extremely blessed this year in terms of rodents entertaining us this year. There was Pizza Rat and his super-rat strength, Spaghetti Rat, whose love for Italian food really resonated with us, and of course Donut Rat … well, Donut Rat needs no explanation. Swoon.

You’d think we’d be jaded by now, totally unimpressed by furry little subway dwellers and their special talents, but nope.

Because Selfie Rat exists. And Selfie Rat is amazing.

Here’s how Selfie Rat was discovered. Two friends visiting New York from Connecticut noticed a man asleep at a train stop. They started taking a video of him when they realized there was a big rat sitting on his chest, which would be totally, 100% gross if this rat wasn’t a potential genius.

The video shows the man bolting up, tossing the rat off of him. What it doesn’t show is that the man claims he was woken up by his camera flashing. When he looked through his phone to see why it had flashed, he saw that the rat took a selfie.

Selfie Rat, how are you so smart? Maybe this little guy escaped from a science experiment or is a real life Ratatouille. If you catch any super intelligent rodents cooking your food in a New York restaurant, don’t call the authorities (well, no, probably call the authorities).

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Check out the full video below:

(Image via YouTube.)