This selfie is freaking out the Internet — here’s why

We’ve heard our fair share of, um, strong adjectives to describe the Internet’s selfies. Chances are, though, you rarely come into contact with a selfie declared “creepy” and “devilish.” That’s all about to change.

A couple’s seemingly innocent selfie is taking social media by storm because of one really bizarre characteristic. It started gaining momentum when @itsthemans posted it on Twitter (but it originated on Have a look below, and you just might be convinced that the woman in the picture has special powers.

Okay, so let’s break this down. Does she have two faces? Can she move her head at lightning speed? Is she Lord Voldemort? (That last inquiry is being seriously asked by some.)

We’re guessing one logical explanation would be that the selfie has been Photoshopped. Boring, we know, and sooo passé. Another account could be that the back of her scarf has a face on it, which is probably just as creepy.

Here are more theories Twitter has for us:

It’s a fake and there’s some selfie-manipulation at play.

Angled mirrors?

Selfie inception:

And some are offering their own selfie ghost stories.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a pretty weird selfie that’s going viral. But also, remember that April Fool’s is just around the corner, so perhaps this is just one big prank.

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