The Self Love Club tattoo trend is so important and so beautiful

This might be the coolest club of all time. An artist by the name of Frances Cannon from Melbourne has started a little something called the Self Love Club, and it has grown into a worldwide tattoo phenomenon.

It all began with a simple tattoo on herself. Having always struggled with unconditional self-love in her life, she got some lovely ink that said “Self Love Club.” She then decided to spread the idea and encourage people everywhere to give themselves the same permanent reminder that they’re worthy of self-care and self-confidence.

“After I got mine, I decided to share it on Instagram and invite others to join the ‘club’ and spread the joy of self love”

In an interview with Bustle, she says it’s been such a joy to see people react positively to the concept and use their own creativity to get Self Love Club body art that’s unique and beautiful. For those who have joined the club, Frances has laid out three simple rules:

You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness, and understanding.

You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness, and understanding.

You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health.

Sounds pretty good to us! The club has been picking up momentum pretty quickly.

“I love seeing and hearing about people getting the tattoo. [Recently], one of my friends who is currently in the U.S. told me she saw someone with the tattoo! That makes me feel so wonderful to have started such a happy and loving trend!”

Folks on Instagram from all over the globe are sharing their own Self Love Club tattoos left and right. Some of them talk about their struggles with mental illness, some of them make a public promise to be more gentle with themselves. But it’s clear that it’s not just about getting a tattoo anymore. When you get Self Love Club ink and use the hashtag #selfloveclub on social media, you’re joining a positive online community that gives you support, no matter what you’re currently going through.

We’re getting serious tattoo envy. More importantly, we’re loving the vibe Frances and her Self Love Club have created in an internet world that can be quite cruel at times. Keep it up, Frances! Now, off to the tattoo parlor we go!

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