5 ways to self-care after the election — without spending any money

There’s no two ways about this. This election was an incredibly difficult cycle, and with President elect Donald Trump poised to take the wheel, we see a lot of stress on the horizon. But honestly? Now isn’t the time to worry about that, okay? Let the articles roll out. Let the poll results be finalized. Let the dust settle — because all of us have a lot of fighting left to do to make our government reflect the best of the American people, instead of simply the most fearful.

But, first and foremost, before you get ready to get ~political~ again, please take some time to practice some serious self-care. We allllll need it, especially if it’s free (so you can donate whatever money you save to organizations that need it during this time). With this in mind, here are our five favorite ways to practice self-care in this trying time without reaching for our wallets.

1. Binge watch the TV show you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Feel exactly ZERO guilt about spending a weeknight (or several) or your weekend curled up on your couch under a truly ridiculous amount of blankets watching a television show from start to finish. Make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee or cocoa, put on your comfiest pajamas, and immerse yourself in that story. Separate yourself from the world and what’s happening in it for an evening, unclench your jaw, relax your shoulders, and chill.

2. Exercise.

BELIEVE us, we get the impulse to just sit around and eat your feelings and hide from the world, and while we definitely think there’s a time for that, it’s also important to truly take care of yourself. Take some time to hole up, but then go for a walk, go to the gym, play in a rec league, go dancing, go for a hike — self-care doesn’t just mean indulging yourself, it also should mean legitimately caring for yourself and your body. Get some fresh air, take a deep breath. Keep moving.


Do we even need to explain? Clear a morning (and probably the early afternoon) of one day and just sleep, dude. You need it.

4. Turn off social media.

For an hour, for a day, for a week, forever. Whatever best suits you and your lifestyle — we know (obviously) that it’s sometimes unavoidable. Not that social media can’t be a hugely positive thing, but post-election, we all know it’s just going to be a mess of people shouting and ranting and not being nearly as kind to one another as we would hope.

5. Give yourself a makeover like you’re seven years old and at a sleepover.

Use those fancy body scrubs and ridiculously scented shower gels and your too-expensive bath bombs. Listen to music and sing really loudly in the shower or bath as you do so. Moisturize. Use that face mask you have in your vanity and totally forgot about. Paint your nails. Wear the loud lipstick you never find occasion to wear. Try and find that happy place of being seven and feeling so focused and fabulous on this routine that nothing else matters.

And once your self-care has come to a close, get ready to regroup. Because we’re stronger together.

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