Here’s how should you self-care after the election, based on your zodiac sign

After yesterday’s election stress, it’s time for us to take care of ourselves. Of course, our zodiac-loving brains are thinking that the stars are on our side. To find out what form of self-care you should schedule for yourself after the election, we’ve reached out to astrologer Jessica Adams to get the scoop. Now let’s get cosmic with our care…



When things are feeling particularly turbulent or topsy-turvy in your life, you tend to look to those you love for support. After all, your friends and family can’t be compared (especially since you prefer quality over quantity when it comes to your inner circle). That’s why, in the name of self-care, we highly recommend that you plan a friendship-based trip in the not-so-distant future. Ooh! Or maybe you could even plan to host a Friendsgiving, to gather all those positive energies in one place where you can shine.



Now that the stress of the election is starting to wind down, you probably want to escape reality right about now. This is likely being encouraged by your ever-flourishing imagination, which makes you want to try new things that allow you to feel like you’re in a different world. So, why not take a meditation class? Grab your comfy clothes, bring some essential oils, play some soothing music to get in the mood, and get ready to travel to a higher plane of existence in the name of relaxation.



You have the energy of a leader, meaning that your courage, passion, and optimism can’t be compared. Keeping this in mind, we can’t exactly picture you sitting still. That’s why we think it would do you some good to try a new hobby as a form of self-care. You could aim to form a running group, join a pottery class, or maybe even sign up for a fitness membership that will allow you to get out some of that energy and tension you have bottled up in your beautiful being.



Nothing in your life is ever half-assed, which is why many see you as operating at full-speed or, well, not at all. If you take this into account when planning for a self-care day, it’s likely that you either want to do absolutely nothing or ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. In this case, we suggest you go with the latter because the holiday season is upon us and you probably want to start saving some cash. To help with this, why not go surround yourself with nature? You could go on a hike, take a trip to the beach, or even do some gardening. Because nature is freeeeeeeeeeeeeee.



Hmmm… It’s difficult to put a finger on exactly what would be the ideal form of self-care for you, Gemini, since you have a versatile personality. What works for you one day might not work the next, which is awesome and exciting, but also makes it difficult to find just one version of self-care for you. To remedy this, we’re going to suggest that you take part in a form of self-care that’s readily available: Technology! To avoid the stresses of the real world, you can escape to the virtual world on your smartphone. Now start following some inspiring Twitter account, artistic Instagrams, and stress-relieving YouTube channels!



Since you’re already in-tune with your emotions to the point where it may feel as though you’re on a never-ending emotional roller coaster, it would be great if you could find a way to unleash some of this energy. Honestly, we think it would be super cool if you grabbed some paints and a canvas, and got to painting whatever it is you’re feeling in the moment. We imagine this would be therapeutic for you, giving you the means to bring your feelings to life.



If we ever need someone to embrace the spotlight, we’re definitely going to give you a call. Since you belong on a stage with the stars, Leo, we can already picture you executing a self-care activity that allows you to live in the light. Perhaps a performance-based class is perfect for you? There’s improv, dancing, singing, and so much more — all of which will give you the chance to flourish as you are, to give you the means to live your creative truth.



Though those around you may say that you’re too practical for your own good, you’re just being you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. To support this, we feel that you should do something in-line with your hardworking, analytical disposition. We’re thinking that you should read that one book you’ve been meaning to read forever, which is likely a novel that will get you thinking in the best way. You could even level-up by setting the mood with some candles and atmospheric music. ?



Since you often spend your days exercising your diplomacy and gracious nature, it’s important that you remember to take care of yourself for a change. For instance, it would be great if you could take some time to foster your love for the beautiful things in this world. To do so, you could buy a ticket to a movie or play, which will allow you to not only be in the company of others, but to enjoy the artistic nature of whatever is before you. As for the type of movie, it’s probably best that you see something low-key, to appeal to your peaceful, harmonious personality.



You are a force to be reckoned with, Scorpio, and with your intensity and power, it’s likely that you will thrive no matter where you are. However, when it comes to self-care, we think it would be best if you focused on yourself and your passions, so that you can recharge your energy and get ready to take on the world (not that you weren’t already). We’re picturing an in-depth beauty night for you, one that involves dimmed light, plenty of relaxing candles, a hot bath, and all the pamper products you own. Get ready to feel more lovely than ever before!



We like to think that, at this moment in time, you are embracing your idealistic spirit. Maybe you are physically traveling and relishing in your freedom. Or, then again, maybe you’re simply daydreaming about far-off wonderlands. Either way, you probably know what we’re going to suggest in the name of self-care: A trip! It doesn’t have to be far, it just has to be something you’re excited about. Maybe you take a train to a nearby city, one that you’ve never explored. Or, maybe you take a drive through a scenic part of your region. No matter what you choose to do, it’s time to get exploring!



Though this article is meant to focus on what you’re doing after the election, we have a feeling you could use additional self-care all day, every day. That’s because you have quite the serious spirit, one that centers around self-control, responsibility, and a touch of pessimism. With this in mind, we’d like you to do something fun to brighten your worldview! Why not take in a comedy show of some sort? Or, if that’s not within reach, watch a movie that always makes you laugh. And if all else fails, just make “work hard, play hard” your new mantra.

You can learn more about the extraordinary Jessica Adams here. On her website, you can also read her horoscopes, peruse her astrology blog, and even purchase one of her books.

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