Listen to this never-before-heard song by Selena. It’s so beautiful.

If you’re a Selena fan (or just a fan of music in general), you’re going to love this news: the late musician’s family just released a never-before-heard song, and we can’t stop listening to it.

The tune is called “Oh No (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)” and it will make your eardrums really happy, and your heart infinitely full. It was played for the first time on the Selena Q Radio station, which allows listeners to reminisce as they sing and groove along to the singer’s most popular tracks.

“The song was never recorded professionally, but we found a tape where they recorded the rehearsal,” Selena’s father explained, after mentioning that the track was originally supposed to be on his daughter’s Dreaming of You album. “The reason we never released it as one of her songs was because it was not up to par as far as sound is concerned. Years later, my son A.B. recorded it with the Kumbia Kings. We thought fans could enjoy, even if it’s not a professional recording.”

You may be wondering, how and why did this release come to fruition? Well, it turns out that fans heard about this secret recording and wanted to know more. As the requests came flooding in, the Quintanilla family wanted to honor these pleas as they continue to celebrate their iconic family member’s melodious work.

Right from the start, this number’s beautiful melody will take you back in time.”Oh No (I’ll Never Fall In Love Again)”  an amazing song that will make you want to grab a hairbrush and pretend it’s a microphone. It will make make your heart swell for the talented young woman whose life was taken from us too soon. And it will fill your ears with magic.

Also — we’d like to remind you that MAC Cosmetics will be releasing a Selena collection next year. Now, you can combine this new song with these new products as you have your very own Selena-centered celebration. Seriously – what could be more wonderful?

Listen up here:

(Image via EMI Latin)

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