Selena Gomez’s sad face at the 2017 AMAs is all anyone can talk about

While everyone can’t get enough of the singer’s new blonde hair she debuted at the 2017 AMAs, a lot of fans are also talking about how Selena Gomez might have lip-synced her performance of “Wolves.” While this hasn’t been confirmed, fans did notice Selena seemed disappointed by her AMA performance. According to the Twitter account PopCultureFacts, Selena may have had a panic attack right before due to a last-minute song adjustment.”They last minute had to put the stems in from her acoustic performance from her Instagram. That’s why her voice sounded autotuned and too perfect,” the tweet said. While this hasn’t been confirmed, it could explain why Selena looked so down and out toward the end of “Wolves.”

Although “Wolves” was all about the drama (a car crash! Fake blood on Gomez’s forehead and knees! Bruises all over her body!) and romance, Gomez’s bummed out facial expressions might not have been part of the performance. Even People noted that Gomez looked “subdued” as she said “thank you” to the crowd. After all, if the track was in fact messed with right before she went on stage, what more could she have done?  For Gomez’s first performance in a year (and after her kidney transplant, which is no joke), we applaud her bravery, and we’re happy to have her back on stage.


For now though, we’re wondering what’s actually going on, and if the singer is okay. false false false


More to come…