Selena Gomez’s new video stars her biggest fans

Selena Gomez’s new album, Revival, isn’t dropping until October 9, but if her latest single, “Same Old Love,” is any indication of how awesome it’s going to be, then you might want to pre-order the record right now. Unlike Selena’s bubblegum pop songs of the past – FYI “Love Song” is one of my favorite jams ever – “Same Old Love” reveals a more sophisticated Selena. She’s not a child star anymore; she’s a woman with priorities, and relationships that are going to lead to heartbreak is not at the top of her list anymore.

Apple Music released a gorgeous music video for “Same Old Love,” and it proves that Selena’s on the hunt for a fulfilling life, departing from the drama of dating someone who mistreats her. The video shows her people watching from her private car, catching glimpses of all different kinds of love. A son comforts his mom; two dads admire their newborn baby; a couple makes out in front of a restaurant, blissfully unaware of people walking by them on the sidewalk.

The video comes to a climax when Selena jumps out of her car and runs into a club, presumably to explore what kind of love might be waiting for her there. Instead of spending the rest of her evening dancing in the dark, she decides to follow her heart to a theatre where her true loves – her fans – are waiting. Footage from a real event at The Palace Theatre in Los Angeles flashes between sequences of amazing Pantene hair flipping by Selena.

Seriously, these are real fans.

These are real fans.

These are, yup, real fans.

The joy is contagious!

This music video “Same Old Love” is basically a love letter from Selena to her fan base, and it’s wonderful. After all, no matter how many romantic loves come in and out of her life, Selena’s fans are there for her. It’s a good reminder to look at the fans in our own lives – our moms, our partners, our make-out buddies – and remember to thank them for being our cheerleaders, a break from the “same old love.”

How cool would it be to go to an event to celebrate you favorite musician’s new album and then end up in her new music video? Check it out:

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