Selena Gomez wrecking a “Marry Justin” sign is the ultimate girl power move

No woman wants to be defined by who they have dated in the past, especially Selena Gomez. She and Justin Bieber have been broken up for a while now, but it’s a part of her past that many people don’t want to forget. During her Revival Tour this past weekend at Fresno, though, she made a bold statement that she’s not going to put up with the Bieber nonsense anymore: It’s been reported by MTV that one of her fans in the crowd was waving around a sign that said, “Marry Justin.” She wasn’t having it. She grabbed the sign, crumbled it up onstage, and continued to perform. Right on, Selena. false

Selena has been crystal clear lately that she’s done talking about Justin and their past relationship. There’s more to her than whatever dudes she has dated, regardless of how famous they may be. Last year, when prompted to talk about an incident where Justin was serenading her, she told a Rolling Stone reporter, “…what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

This past February, Selena frankly said to W magazine, “I’m so exhausted … I honestly am so done. I care about [Bieber’s] health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.” No sugar-coating it there.

She also confessed in the June 2016 issue of Marie Claire that moving past the relationship has been extremely difficult for her. She said that so many times when she walks into a situation where she intends to promote herself, her talent, and her work, she leaves “feeling defeated, feeling embarrassed” because the interview somehow focused entirely on her personal history with Justin.

It’s hard enough being an everyday chick and evading conversation about your ex with your friends and family. Imagine having to do it in front of the whole world, in just about every public venue you can imagine. Phew. Selena is here to tell everyone that she’s got way more to offer than a shaggy-haired ex-boyfriend.

Kudos to Selena for standing up for herself on stage this weekend! We expect to see a lot more of that gumption in the future.

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