Selena Gomez went out in her PJs and looked like a dream

Celebrities wear pajamas outside! Just like us! Who hasn’t gone to the grocery store, class, or the movies, wearing pjs hoping no one noticed? OK, well maybe not just like us. Because Selena Gomez wearing PJs to go out on a Friday night in Santa Monica is out of this world. Unlike us, these pjs were stylish and expensive. On her mall trip Selena wore $420 silky printed pajamas by Olivia von Halle, along with a sheer black duster and some super tall heels.

A pony tail and red lipstick compliment her chill look. Because she can look super glam rocking whatever she wears. An eyewitness told E! News that she got a bite to eat at a Mexican restaurant with a friend before going shopping at the Third Street Promenade and finally heading to a recording studio. false

Selena Gomez is no stranger to looking effortlessly fabulous. She has a history of looking amazing in everything from power suits to ball gowns. And now she can add lounge wear to her style repertoire. We’re jealous, but we can’t hate on same great casual style.

She also isn’t a stranger to looking amazing while wearing pjs out in public. In 2015, Selena wore navy blue and white pjset while in Paris along with red heels. Hopefully this means that pajamas will become the new chic, and no one will judge us for going to grab milk in our sleep wear.

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