Someone figured out that Selena Gomez and The Weeknd look just like her parents

The rumored relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd (aka Abel Tesfaye) has taken the internet by storm. A few weeks after TMZ released photos of the duo kissing, seemingly confirming their relationship, the pair met the new baby of Tesfaye’s manager Tony Sal. Now that it seems like two ~are~ dating, fans are going full ship about it.

Plus, a fan recently found photos of Gomez’s parents, Ricardo Gomez and Mandy Teefy, which look eerily like Gomez and Tesfaye. I guess it’s true what they say — you look to your parents for inspiration for a partner.

Check out the uncanny photo below:

While the two have been very coy about being seen together publicly, the photo of the two with Sal’s baby is everything we need to confirm that they are indeed heating up. Posted as part of a collage of a ~bunch~ of friends meeting the newborn, Tesfaye and Gomez appear in a photo together in the top left of the collage and Gomez is holding the baby. It’s so adorbs.

Tesfaye also posted a photo of himself and the baby, adorably captioning it, “Uncle Abel.”

Aww, new relationships are always so exciting. While we totally want the two to enjoy the early stages of their relationship, we def want to see cute couple pics at some point!