Selena Gomez was the 7th wheel at a very coupled-up Super Bowl party, and girl, we’ve been there

We can not get over yesterday’s super intense Super Bowl game! Not only did the Falcons blow a 22-point lead, the game went to it’s first overtime in Super Bowl history, and Tom Brady won his fifth Super Bowl win as a starting quarterback! But we aren’t here to talk about the game. Selena Gomez was the 7th wheel at a Super Bowl party and we’re just like, girl we feel you. Gomez is proving that sometimes girls just wanna have fun!

While everyone was watching the game, and dissecting the advertisements, Selena took to Instagram to post a group photo of her and her friends. Behind her there are three couples (we see you, Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs). Each pair had a heart drawn over them declaring that each set is a couple. Selena was noticeably by herself.

Before you start to speculate where The Weeknd is and if the pair have called it quits, The Weeknd is in Canada filming a music video for his upcoming single, “Secrets,” this according to Toronto-based

Either way, Selena Gomez is proving that you can enjoy a football game with or without bae! Right now she has bigger projects on her plate than worrying about showing up to a party solo.

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