Selena Gomez released a “Visualizer” for “Wolves,” and here’s what that means

When it comes to promoting her new music, Selena Gomez is an absolute PR genius. Leading up to a new song release, she’ll drop mysterious and artful images on her Instagram. Then she’ll release the song, followed by a lyric video a day later, and then finally the music video. It’s brilliant because it’s like she’s dropping artful morsels of cookie crumbs that keep us wanting more. Her latest musical endeavor, a “visualizer” for her single “Wolves.” Selena Gomez is not the first artist to utilize a visualizer in her musical rollout, but it is an uncommon practice.

A visualizer is a moving image to accompany the audio of the song.

It’s sort of like a lyric video, without the lyrics written on the screen. The visual in the visualizer is usually a short scene, still, or cut from the forthcoming music video. For Gomez’s “Wolves” visualizer, the image is a close up of her eyes and then an almost GIF-like image of her standing at the edge of a diving board looking into a pool.


Besides the visualizer, Gomez also released this cute, makeshift music video exclusively for Spotify. It features her and producer Marshmello hanging out in a Hollywood Hills pad, facetiming each other.

Next month, Gomez is set to perform the new track at the American Music Awards, which will broadcast on ABC on November 19.

In the meantime, check out the full visualizer below.

Sounds like Gomez is three for three, she just keeps cranking out hits!

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