Selena Gomez’s Valentine’s Day glam is the makeup look of our dreams

The second biggest Valentine’s Day debate after “what on earth do I do on Valentine’s Day” is always “what on earth do I WEAR on Valentine’s Day?” Because whether or not you’re single or dating somebody or getting ready for an internet date, if you’re leaving the house on Valentine’s Day, we all feel a liiiiittle extra pressure to try a little harder. While our go-to isn’t necessarily full glam, we’ve just made the executive decision that it is NOW, solely because Selena Gomez’s Valentine’s Day Instagram lewk is so perfect that we’re going to have to emulate it, stat.

We’re not sure if we’re more in love with her dress or makeup? Or maybe her choker? Or maybe her uber casual yet still glam lookin’ hair?

Wow. WOW. Talk about #goals. The golden roses on her top are both subtle and totally on point for Valentine’s Day without being kitschy or over the top. Plus, we love anything mesh, and pairing that sheer top with that choker gives us major ’90s vibes, which we looooove. Also, this subtle yet strong makeup look is so beautiful and glowwy, we’re dying over it.

The Instagram was posted by celeb makeup artist Hung Vanngo, and he blessed us with a wider shot of her look so we can really enjoy it.

Her makeup is stunning and simple, and she’s just GLOWING, y’know? We’re also super into her long leather jacket. It’s a perfect edgy companion piece since the rest of her look is so pretty and romantic.

We OBVIOUSLY have plans for Valentine’s Day already because we’re definitely not going home to binge watch Netflix or anything, ahem, but if we didn’t, we’d totally ask Selena to be our Valentine.

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