This before and after proves Selena Gomez just uses Instagram filters like everyone else

Celebrities on Instagram are often accused of doctoring or photoshopping their pics and selfies before uploading them and sharing them with the world. That doesn’t stop us from being totally obsessed with all their pics. And one star whose ‘Gram is seriously popping at the moment is our girl Selena Gomez, who is currently in the midst of her “Revival World Tour” and promoting her latest single, the wonderfully positive “Kill Em With Kindness”.

Selena’s Instagram is so full of #goals it’s no wonder that the former Disney star is the most followed person on the platform, with a mammoth 88.9 million followers.

Like, seriously, grocery shopping goals, right?

Of course, like most famous people, Selena has been hit with accusations that she has been photoshopping her pics, so her makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, has shared a before and after picture to show exactly how Selena achieves those perfect Instagram selfies.

The before and after photo was shared to show the haterz that Selena looks flawless before AND after any re-touching that might be done. And, as Vanngo writes in the comments, it seems that she is actually just using a combo of filters, some coloring and some image sharpening.

In  the comments, however, some users were still accusing Vanngo of doctoring the photos. Yet these people were in the minority. In fact, some were saying that they thought it was unfair that Selena was adding some creativity to her selfies because she is so naturally beautiful.

While we’d have to agree, we’re totally into experimentation and the fun people can have when playing with their selfies and pics using apps like Instagram. Also, how can you complain when the end results are this good.

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