Selena Gomez just teased us with hints about her new album on Twitter

We love it when celebrities decide to host impromptu Q&A sessions on Twitter. Reason being, we usually get a lot of good information straight from the source. Selena Gomez talked about her new album during a Q&A that she held yesterday, and we’re so psyched to hear that everything’s going well.

Gomez revealed that a lot of her music is inspired by her relationships, which definitely has us wonder. So now we have to know how many of her new songs have been influenced by her boyfriend The Weeknd, a fellow musician. Perhaps it might just be the ballad that Gomez teased. After all, it’s one of her favorites.

As for the album itself, she refused to give up the title of it just yet.

But she did say that if she could assign a color to her new music, it’d probably be “a deep blue.” Hmm.

And this album, like her others, will have Latin influences.

Gomez currently has two studio albums — Stars Dance, which was released in 2013, and  Revival, which came out in 2015. Fans initially expected her to release her latest album last year, but the singer took a bit of a breather by checking into rehab and working on herself. Which was, without a doubt, the best call she could have made.

But, a new album is coming. How do we know? Well, the singer just released her music video for a single called “Fetish.”

And then back in June, her music video for “Bad Liar” came out.

While these songs haven’t been confirmed to appear on her new album, we’re guessing they might lead the track list. We’re so curious to hear the rest of the songs that make the album as a whole so “deep blue.”

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