Twitter Is Convinced Selena Gomez’s Throwback Photos With Taylor Swift Mean a Collab Is Coming

Taylena rise!

A collab with besties Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift really doesn’t sound that unreasonable. The two talented singers have stunning voices, incredible songwriting skills, and a breadth of topics they could turn to to write about. Plus, their fanbases might actually combust if it happens. So let’s make it happen! Gomez shared a seemingly random photo collection with Swift and her cat Benjamin Button on Instagram last night with the ultra-casual caption, “kinda missin this one,” and we have so many thoughts.

Does this at all feel like Swift’s previous teases that she didn’t have “a lot going on at the moment” before dropping an entire ALBUM on us last year after *just* releasing one? Sure, this post came from Gomez and not Swift, but that does not have us convinced that something isn’t happening. There’s no one more strategic than Taylor Swift.

Twitter is absolutely on board with this possibility, mostly screaming about two of their favorite talented women coming together in song.

Swift also commented on Gomez’s post, writing, “I love u like a love song bay beh,” and here’s the kicker that some eagle-eyed fans are pointing out: Gomez’s caption is four words and Swift made her comment into nine words when it *should* have just been eight. Your simple math will tell you that that equals 13—Swift’s magic number.

We’re not saying these “clues” are actually clues that mean anything—there’s a strong possibility that Gomez just misses her pal and wanted to share these photos from 2019. But if there is more to it, we’re strongly hoping a collab is in the works…

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