Selena Gomez just did a flawless Taylor Swift impression

We already knew Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were besties for life, but we didn’t know that they could potentially pass as twins.

When Selena hung out at the iHeartRadio Studio to promote her new single, “Good For You,” she got challenged via Twitter to do her best T-Swift impression. Girlfriend killed it. Seriously, it was less of an impression and more of a full on Parent Trap moment. If Selena wanted, she could probably put on a blonde wig (and maybe some heels) and trade places with Taylor for a day.

“You’ve practiced that, you’ve seen that,” iHeartRadio’s Paul Costabile said after witnessing Selena basically become Taylor for a second.

“Oh, I’ve seen every single one of her concerts,” Selena explained. Best friend cuteness level: 100.

Seriously, this is something to see (and practice in the mirror later). Here is Selena’s Oscar-worthy performance:

See the resemblance?

Selena captured all the details: the arm, the hair flip, the attitude. Pretty amazing, right?
During the interview, Selena also did a spot-on Shakira voice — maybe she should consider auditioning for SNL — and a circus trick where she spit gum straight into the air and then caught it like nbd. These hidden talents are incredible!

You can check out the full video here, while I patiently wait for Selena and Taylor to announce their Parent Trap remake because now I am kind of obsessed with the idea. Case in point:

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(Terrible photoshopping by Christina Wolfgram.)

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