Selena Gomez made her studio return Instagram official, and she looks as happy as ever

After a long wait, we are finally going get some new music from Selena Gomez. She’s posting pics from inside the studio and it’s making us crazy with anticipation. Even better, however, is that she’s looking happy and healthy

Selena has posted three pictures to her Instagram this weekend so far, and she looks likes she’s loving being in her happy place. We haven’t heard much from the pop star since her moving speech at the American Music Awards, so it seems she’s been laying low making new music.

She released a little sneak peak last month, and that had fans scrambling for news about what was coming up for her.

This little snippet, coupled with the new snaps, make us think she’s got her groove back.


If her gorgeous glow is any indication, Selena is rested and relaxed. Her laid-back style is giving us some major envy.

She doesn’t mind sharing the Insta-love either. She posted some snaps of her music-making buddies.

Also, we really need to know what filter she’s using. This vintage-y shot of the recording booth and equipment looks like it’s straight out of a magazine.

Selena has a lot to be happy about these days.

Not only is new music on the horizon, but she’s got a new show on Netflix. She’s executive producing the teen drama series, 13 Reasons Why, based on the best-selling book of the same name.

The movie is about the aftermath of suicide, and the title is a reference to a list the main character left citing her reasons for her decision.

Selena told Deadline that she could relate to the series:

“I was going through a really difficult time when they started production. I went away for 90 days and talked with a lot of kids. It definitely hit home, a very important part of me. Kids have to see something that’s frightening, I want them to understand I definitely relate to everything. I was a mess.

Selena is a real inspiration to fans who are struggling with things in their lives. It’s so good to see her enjoying her life, and we are rooting for her in all her adventures.

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