Selena Gomez got stuck in an elevator and filmed the whole ordeal

For many of us, getting stuck in an elevator is our worst nightmare. It’s a small space that’s likely high in the air, and you’re completely at the whim of technology and machinery. Panic attack much?!?! While visiting Paris for Fashion Week, Selena Gomez lived this particular struggle and she posted a video of what happened on her Twitter.

From the looks of things, the elevator got stuck in between floors. The short clip shows just how crowded this space was, as one person attempts to get the complicated layers of doors to open.

“No, no, I’m not getting out like that,” whispered someone in the background of Selena’s video. However, it was their only choice. The reactions of the people outside the elevator are just as stunned as we are. We’re not sure if they’re more surprised that people are stuck, or that Selena Gomez was climbing out in front of them.

Either way, we’re just happy that everyone is okay!

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