Selena Gomez wore shoes that are made of children’s playing blocks

A pair of shoes can make or break a look. Whether our heels are uncomfortable and we spend all night wondering when we’ll be able to sit down, or our shoes are so good that what we wear on the rest of our body is irrelevant, what we put on our feet matters. Or is, at least, important because shoes help inform how we feel in our look. And we can’t deny we love a playful detail to spice up a shoe, which is why we’re so here for Selena Gomez’s Jacquemus heels made from children’s blocks.

The mismatched shoes are giving us some serious childhood flashbacks while simultaneously sparking our DIY sensibilities.


Selena’s shoes were the star of her look, thanks to their unexpected silhouette and style.

These sandals took stacked heels to a new level, especially when juxtaposed against the rest of her ensemble. While one heel featured a round wooden yellow ball, the other was a mahogany ball sandwiched against two brown blocks. The wooden heels were topped with strappy brown sandals that took on an angular shape.


The rest of Selena’s outfit lent itself to the shoes by allowing them to stand apart. The actress and singer wore a short black Jacquemus slip with a V-neck and spaghetti straps, as well as gold hoop earrings and rings. Really, all the attention is on her shoes. She finished off the look with a slicked-back ponytail and a subtle cat-eye featuring a little bit of iridescent blue shadow.


This look is sultry without being too serious, and we think Selena shines like a star in it.

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