This is why Selena Gomez recently had to apologize to Elle Fanning

What happens when the most followed person on Instagram tags you in a post? Pure mayhem, as Elle Fanning found out when Selena Gomez tagged her in a post back in August. In fact, Fanning was bombarded with so many notifications, Gomez felt the need to apologize.

When Gomez was cast alongside Fanning and Timothée Chalamet in an upcoming Woody Allen film, Gomez wanted to express her excitement via Instagram. She posted separate photos of her future cast mates, forgetting the fact that because she has the most followers on the social media platform, her costars’ Instagram notifications were about to blow.

"I woke up the next morning [thinking] like, 'What happened to my Instagram?' It was exploding with things," Fanning told Vanity Fair's Krista Smith while at the Toronto Film Festival. "People were saying things and this photo kept popping up."

The photo Gomez posted of Fanning currently has just over two million likes. However, that number could grow due to the fact that Gomez has 126 million followers.

"I guess that’s what happens when someone has like a billion followers, posts your face, and tags you," Fanning said. "It was insane!"

Fanning and Gomez finally met up in person after the Instagram explosion and Gomez apologized for “creepily [posting] the photo.” But Fanning told her to keep it up. Because of that photo, Fanning’s follower base has grown exponentially. She now has 1.6 million followers. Whoa.

Selena, don’t ever hesitate to share photos of us. We’d love to make an appearance on your famous feed.

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