Selena Gomez just teased a jaw-dropping new costume for her tour

Selena Gomez has been feeling all the love from fans while out on the road for her Revival Tour. The other night in Montreal during a show, while singing “Who Says?, a large number of fans in the audience held up signs that read “We Are Worth It.”

Gomez was completely blown away by the love and support she felt in that moment, and had to stop singing for a quick second as she collected her emotions.

And then last night, she felt her feelings once again — but this time in a different way. While Gomez relaxed in her green room on a cozy white couch with a huge bag of popcorn (#goals), someone from the wardrobe department presented her with new costumes for the show. And she definitely felt her feelings.

She captioned the photo, “When I see my new costumes for stage – comin sooooon.”

No word on when the costume changes will take place, but she’s obviously super excited about all of it. We’re certain she’ll the new pieces rock them just as hard as the old ones (old is maybe the wrong word to use for costumes that are less than a month old, but you get it).

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