P.S. this is the dreamy guy Selena Gomez ‘grammed this morning

We all remember earlier this month when Justin Bieber basically reenacted the story of Cinderella for the digital age, posting a pic of a Mystery Girl and calling on the internet to help him connect with the lady in question.

Apparently, Selena Gomez is taking a page from her former beau’s book, posting a mystery romance pic of her own today. Only here’s the deal: rather than get the Internet help her track down a mystery date, she posted a mysterious photo and let the internet go crazy guessing WHO this dude was and WHAT he was doing on her Insta.

She also presented the Insta without caption, for maximum mystery effect:

Answering the question “Who is this gentleman?” is relatively easy, the internet figured this one out in about zero seconds flat. Meet Christopher Mason, a model who makes us all dream of a love with Thor hair.

Man bun well done, good sir, man bun well done.

No, stop, the hair plus the horse? It’s just too much, we can’t take it, contain yourself Young Christopher.

Of course, the question becomes WHY did Selena Gomez post a picture of Thor this man model? At this moment, she seems to be pretty comfortable staying captionless re: her feelings for/any relationship she has with Mr. Mason, so all we can really do is guess.

Don’t worry, we have guesses, like a bajillion, but we’ll control ourselves and present you with our main theories

1.) This is Selena Gomez’s “I have a new boyfriend” announcement

2.) This is Selena Gomez’s “I have a new super-crush” announcement

3.) This is Selena Gomez’s “I found a cutie on Instagram and I’m going to post a pic without comment just to mess with all y’all’s noggins.”

4.) Selena just didn’t have anything else to post on Insta today.

5.) Selena needs you to all know how much she loves orange soda #wholovesorangesoda #kellovesorangesoda #kenanandkelforever

6.) Selena and Justin are having a contest to see who can screw with the most people on Instagram and the loser has to streak through the quad.

7.) Selena and Justin are still desperately in love with one another, and are using their greatest weapon (Instagram) to make each other mad with jealousy.

Look, it’s probably 5 (orange soda is important/basically everything) but we’ll keep our ears to the ground and let you know if we closer to figuring out the truth. Because, as The X-Files told us, the truth IS out there.

(Images via Instagram)

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