Selena Gomez wants girls to know “you’re more than just an Instagram like”

Since she’s one of the most followed people of all time, Selena Gomez’s advice to young girls involving Instagram and social media is even more touching. Gomez went to a Los Angeles high school to speak to a group of young women last week and truly used her star status for an incredible reason.

Gomez is part of the Step Up organization through her affiliation with Coach. If you’ve never heard of Step Up before, it’s worth learning about. The network helps empower women, especially women from under-resourced communities, to help turn them into inspiring leaders. Through the organization, women have a better chance of becoming college-bound.

Gomez is the perfect fit to help represent the cause. She teamed up with TODAY to visit the girls and spread some positivity.

"I want them to see that they're able to have the same dreams and same goals," Selena Gomez said to Sheinelle Jones. "I just want them to feel like they're capable of doing anything."

The day obviously meant a lot to the girls, who seemed to admire Gomez’s ability to keep it real. And, speaking of, there was one line that really made Gomez shine. It’s something that all of us ought to remember.

"They're worth more than an Instagram like, and they're worth more than a comment on any of their social platforms," Gomez said.

That’s a really powerful statement, if you think about it. Next time you’re obsessively checking social media, remember that you’re not the equivalent to the amount of attention you get on Instagram.


If you want to support Step Up, check out their website for multiple ways you can get involved. It’s definitely an organization that’ll remind you how strong and powerful we can truly be, with a little bit of encouragement.