Selena Gomez’s mom went on an Instagram rant about these male singers

There is one mom who’s really sick of hearing the same male pop artists on the radio. We’re talking about Selena Gomez’s mother, Mandy Teefey, who went on somewhat of an Instagram rant while posting from @Kicked2theCurbProductions, her production company’s account. Apparently, she’d been hearing the same songs from certain singers over and over again and was completely and utterly over it.

"Can someone PLEASE discover the next pop boy band or a little boy who sings about crap he has no clue about? she wrote. “I can’t with the current ones on repetitive rotation. Niall you are safe, Harry you are safe. You others [are] eliminated. But, they are older so, maybe they don’t count."

Teefey, who recently used Instagram to open up about Selena’s kidney transplant, went on to point out that she was downright sick of hearing certain male singers on the airwaves. “I will drive my car into a wall if I hear Charlie Puth or Shawn Mendes one more time,” she continued. “We don’t need to hear them every other song. Yes, I’m really mad about this lol.” false false

The comment put Charlie and Shawn fans in a tizzy, with many people clapping back against Selena Gomez’s mom in favor of the singers.

Eventually, the outrage grew so great that Teefey began to respond to commenters.

"For the love of God! Calm Down," she wrote in a comment, according to Seventeen. "I made a factual comment about a inanimate object ‘Radio.’ If anything that post acknowledged their success. Everyone has had that thought at one point."

Despite her clarifications, Teefey eventually deleted her Instagram account after the backlash.

Just goes to show the brutal power of pop fans on the interwebs.

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