Selena Gomez is in Justin Bieber’s new music video, in case you missed that

In case you missed it, Justin Bieber recently released a new music video for his single “What Do You Mean.” Also in case you missed it, The Biebs has been out of the spotlight for a little while as he has tried to reinvent his semi-tainted image. With his roast on Comedy Central, his new music, his first performance in two years at the VMAs (in which he was pretty emotional), and now this new music video, it is safe to say that Bieber is making a comeback. But there’s more to this new music video than meets the eye.

As reported by MTV and Twitter (of course), Bieber might have given his former flame, Selena Gomez, a shout out in “What Do You Mean.” WHAT DO WE MEAN? Well, thanks for asking. Apparently, some very good eyes have picked up on a little “Selena” graffiti in one scene. Even beyond that incredibly obvious holla to his ex, it is rumored that the words “hope” and “love” as well as “JB” are surrounding her name. Now sure, this kind of sounds like one of those Disney things where it’s like “can you believe what is written in the leaves when Simba lays down on the mountain” or whatever, but that “Selena” is pretty clear as day, y’all. And people of the Internet seem to agree.

Apparently this isn’t the first time Bieber has called out to Gomez either. The guy really wants to represent his feelings. In the “Where Are U Now” video, Bieber calls out to Gomez, literally asking her where she is. Is the song about her?!!

So what does any of this mean? Probably that Bieber misses his beautiful, talented ex-girlfriend. I like to imagine that if any of my exes were famous pop singers, they’d be scribbling @tholmz messages all over the place, right? Even if they never get back together, it’s still nice to know that Bieber appreciates Miss Gomez.

Watch below and see if you can catch it yourself:

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