Selena Gomez was maybe spotted at a Justin Bieber concert and the Internet is CONFUSED

So, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are broken up, right? Even though Justin posted this throwback on Instagram the other day? And Selena liked it? And then allegedly showed up at his concert? We don’t know what to think anymore and neither does the rest of the Internet.

During Justin’s performance in LA on Wednesday night, fans spotted someone who looks Selena in the crowd and quickly posted the evidence online. There’s been no official confirmation that it was, in fact, Selena in the crowd, but boy, it really does look like the pop star:

In the words of Justin Bieber, “What Do You Mean?” And what does this mean? It would seem that the former couple are , if not back together, are at least getting friendly — and that’s pretty exciting for Jelena fans.

There’s been no official word from either of the stars — not that they owe us an explanation, of course — but no matter what’s happening, it’s awesome that she’s supporting her ex.

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