Selena Gomez is just as nervous about her relationship with The Weeknd as any other human in love

As celebrities go, Selena Gomez has always been one of the most relatable. She’s been open about her struggles with Lupus and depression, as well as how much therapy helped her. And now she’s opening up again to talk about her budding relationship with Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd.

The two started dating sometime around January, when paparazzi snapped photos of the two kissing and being an adorable new couple. Since then, they’ve been spotted all over the place, culminating in a gorgeous appearance at the Met Gala.

Gomez spoke to Power96 Miami about her relationship style and had some pretty relatable things to say.

Selena goes all-in when she’s in love

"I'm the kind of girl that loves tremendously big. I just have always been that girl. I will give my heart and my soul to the person that I love. It's just how I operate. With that comes a lot, you know?"

Furthermore, she knows what it’s like to want someone you love to express that love. She was asked the last lie she told (relevant to her new song “Bad Liar”). This was her response:

I was planning a trip and I was saying, like, 'I'm going to leave,' but I was trying to get somebody really cute to tell me to stay."

In addition, she got candid about her ethos for making art, and how she doesn’t have the energy to care what people think.

“I think I spent too much time worrying about what other people have said about me. I just don’t have anything left. All my energy goes to the people I love and wanting to make things that make people feel something. So if I make you feel something and that pisses you off, I think that’s the goal. I made you feel something."

As always, Selena offers up the wisdom we need right now.

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