Hang on, Selena Gomez makes how much for her Instagram posts?!

We’re all pretty much obsessed with Instagram, but we’re not assuming we’ll ever actually make money for our snaps.

Except, if you’re Selena Gomez, then the ball is in your court. You already know she’s one of the most influential celebrities on social media, and that means a huuuuge Instagram following (at the moment, she has 90.5 million followers and counting).

That also means that her posts are worth a fortune.

According to D’Marie Analytics, when Selena posts something that appears across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, each post is worth $500,000. In real dollars. And this is not a joke!

That means this Instagram post is worth $500,000 (!!!)

This absolutely insanely mind-boggling figure is based on a specific algorithm that D’Marie employs, measuring metrics including how many followers Gomez has, the frequency of her posts, engagement, quality of her posts, and click-through.

Then of course, how much potential it has to create sales—because Selena Gomez is not just a person or a pop star, but a legitimate brand.

The CEO of D’Marie, Frank Spadafora, notes that Gomez is particular about who or what she endorses, and that she doesn’t just endorse any brand. “It’s interesting that the statistically most influential person on social media is engaged in noticeably less campaigns than other celebrities,” Spadafora said. He claims that it’s because Gomez is making smart decisions, and that she’s aware that overwhelming her social media feed with sponsored content could negatively impact her audience.

Speaking of audience, Gomez’s followers are growing by the second. In fact according to D’Marie, 200,000 new fans and followers join the Gomez train every single day. Pretty impressive for someone who’s only 23 years old, though we can imagine that it’s also slightly hard to manage.

Actually never mind… Selena has a team of people for that.

Regardless, keep doing what you go, Selena, we’re living vicariously through you. And you’re skyrocketing fame.

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Just to reiterate, this post is worth $500,000 (!!!)


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