This picture of Selena Gomez in nothing but a towel reminds us that this girl can pull off anything

Without a doubt, Selena Gomez is one of our fave girls. After enduring a rocky couple of years due to her health, it seems like she’s back in business and we couldn’t be happier!

And reinforcing the fact that she’s the queen of social media, Gomez posed in just a towel and thong to tease a new photoshoot, which definitely got our attention.

The photo appeared on photographer Mert Alas’s Instagram account, and it’s a great behind-the-scenes shot because he’s in the frame, too. We love the simple choreography, not to mention Gomez’s simple aesthetic. Ready?

Note the humorous caption, “Beauty and the Beast.” We assume this refers to Gomez’s blissfully angelic appearance next to Alas’s more gruff exterior. So much yes to this!

Gomez is looking as radiant as ever, with that unwavering confidence that we know and love. Seriously, she just effortlessly pulled off wearing a towel and thong…reminding us that we can all do that should we so desire! Oh, and can we also discuss that stare? THIS GIRL’S GOT IT!

We wish Gomez all the freaking best for this year, and can’t wait to hear more about her flourishing romance with The Weeknd…hint hint WE NEED DETAILS, GIRL! Phew, okay, patience is a virtue, at least…we’ll keep telling ourselves that.

Does anyone else feel like 2017 is gonna be a stellar year? Just a hunch.

H/T: People

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