Here’s what the inside of Selena Gomez’s house looks like because obviously we needed to know

Hey, do you enjoy looking at lots of pictures of beautiful homes that seem like they’ve literally jumped out of the most dreamy catalog page? If the answer is YES, because the answer should always be YES, then it’s time to check out Selena Gomez’s brand new digs. The singer, actress, and UNICEF ambassador recently redesigned her Hollywood home, and we’re in love with the light and breezy decor she’s gone with.

So, Selena, if you ever need anyone to house-sit, let us know.

The house’s brand new look is all thanks to Brittaney Elise​, of BE Design, who totally transformed the place. Elise talked to Elle and explained that while Gomez gave her the freedom to create and design the place, two things had to happen: a baby grand piano, and a dining room with treasure boxes.

“​She knew exactly what she wanted and trusted my visions from day one,” Elise told Elle. “Any time she would be out of town for business and return home to progress, I would receive an overly ecstatic phone call or text message.”

The living room was created as a “bohemian wonderland” and had a custom chair made with sheet music printed on it. The music? One of Gomez’s favorite songs, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” The dining room became it’s own “Moroccan wonderland” with the treasure boxes and plenty of seating for friends and family to visit.

“The people in Selena’s life are incredibly special to her and she loves to share moments with them in the comfort of her own home,” Elise explained. “There was ​lots of space to fill here, so what better way to do it than with meaningful, whimsical touches throughout the nooks and crannies of each room​?”

Elise is still working on parts of the house right now, so hopefully this means more beautiful updates down the road. For now, check out some more swoon-worthy pictures below.

We just can’t stop looking at these amazing pictures and we can’t wait for more to be released.

(Image via Instagram.)

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