We’re swooning over Selena Gomez’s perfect ’90s floral Coachella look

As someone who likes to wear comfy clothes, I have to say: most Coachella fashion seems reeeally tricky. All of that suede fringe, off-the-shoulder lace, etc.? Not for me. So when I saw Selena Gomez in her latest Coachella best, I heaved a sigh of relief.

For day two of her Indio adventure, Gomez wore an adorable (and practical) daisy print sundress.

She shared the outfit on her Instagram story, and that bright blue print is giving serious daisy power vibes.


White sneakers in the desert dust aside, how ridiculously cute is that outfit? Yeah, we know — florals for spring, groundbreaking. But this is like the prosecco of outfits: no fuss, charming, and always a crowd-pleaser.

Gomez didn’t share the entire outfit on her actual Instagram page, but it made a guest appearance in this totally chill and candid post:

According to Gomez’s stylist, the dress is the Nora from HVN. The print she’s wearing, “Falling Floral,” isn’t out yet. But other gorgeous prints in that same dress style are available for sale. Maybe, set some funds aside if you want to get the exact same look. Otherwise, the ecommerce universe is rife with other floral print looks. For my part, I’m about to Google “Selena Gomez daisy print dress options” riiiight… now.

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